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Jason Walker:

Eldred C. Ellis

May 6, 2014

Love your sound.

Randy Brenneis

February 2, 2014

Saw Jason last night (Feb 1st) at Laguna Woods. I was blown away !!! Fantastic show, top notch band, and Jason's voice is pure heaven. I felt like I was in a late night club in Austin or Orleans. THANKYOU for a memorable evening!

Rochelle Enty

August 12, 2011

Not sure if you remeber me or not I was a member of your father church along time ago. I started coming with Lisa Gray. Is is nice to know that you are glorifying the Lord. How is your family? I belong to PPPWC church in Philadelphia. Did move to Chicago but I came back 3 yrs ago. Tell your family I said Hi...

Cassandra McFerson

February 17, 2011

Great sound! Sounds like life itself. It was great seeing you perform.

Dr. Sheila L. Johnson

August 11, 2010

Great music!

Dr. Sheila
Pittsburgh, PA

Nadine Grisar

July 1, 2010

Thanks for your card Jason. Will try to come to Sycamore in July. Keep me on your mail list for future dates.

jennifer goldman

September 9, 2009

Hi Jason,

look forward to listening to your music!

-Jennifer Goldman AFS 1984

Cheryl Pullins

June 2, 2009

Hey Jay!! I am really proud to know ya!! Hope to hear you soon!! Cheryl from Philly by way of Maryland!!!

Niva Navon, Isreal

May 7, 2009

I wanted to thank you for your music. I listened to the CD once in NY and now again, and I really enjoy your soulful voice.

Julius A. Davis

January 8, 2009

I am glad to re-connect with you, Jason and finally get to hear your CD. It is very impressive. You can count on me spreading the word. If you record in Atlanta for the next CD, I am available for any needed background singing!

You have been blessed with a full and hearty voice. Glad you are not wasting it.

God Bless You, Jason...keep making us PROUD!

Julis A. Davis

stephen clair

November 13, 2008

Hey! I just saw you're playing at banjo jim's the night after I'm there. So cool that you're out playing shows. How are things? Would love to see you.

Carla Fisher

October 25, 2008

Jay - You were soooo holding out on us dude!!!!
I'm loving the music - fantastic voice! - Maybe I'll try to come check you out in NYC in Nov...
I'll spread the word - wishing you the best!!



September 13, 2008

i was surprised* and moved by the quiet power of jason's voice.

*only b/c i have known him in a non singing capacity.

Hugh Staples

September 12, 2008

Jay, great to see that you are keeping the music alive. I enjoyed listening to your soulful sound and I am glad that we had you on "Backstage Pass" before you made the leap to the Big Apple. May you continue to be blessed and doing that thing that you do. Blessings, Hugh, Producer, Backstage Pass

Diane Craig

August 30, 2008

Hey Jason,
I have been telling everone to listen to your music. You are incredibly talented. Let me know when you're in Philly.

Rebecca Dampf

August 21, 2008

Hi Jason,
You have a great voice!!! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun too!

Lisa McDowell

August 16, 2008

Hey Jay, I figure by the time I finish with my sales of this project I should be entitled to a cut!(LOL) I don't know all that much about computers but I was able to open this site. Im glad its really very nice-big Ups as they say! I get to tell my co-workers yo you buying this cd because I know Him and of course its fabulous. So rest know this one thing Philly's Finest are Grooving to the soul/folk sounds of none other than You my Friend....Im will be selling till I can't get anymore...Peace & Love

Jenny B. Hammond

August 6, 2008

Hi Jason!

Great to see you! Found this site through your Jason Walker Fan Club on Facebook:-) Looking forward to hearing some clips online.

Hope you can make it back to Philly around th-giving...we're having a farewell for Bruce Brownell then.


Ellen Kealy

August 6, 2008

As a seven-year-old preparing to receive my first Holy Communion I was commanded by Sister so-and-so (have forgotten her name) to "mouth it" when we all sang the hymns. Apparently I was singing off-key. From that moment forward taking pure pleasure in singing has eluded me. Until Just Like You.
I have been driving between North Carolina and New York singing away with you with pure pleasure. What sheer joy there is in your music...
Thank you, thank you for the gift of this beautiful CD. You have a beautiful voice......and these are beautiful songs. xxx Ellen

Susan Burgess-Cox

July 23, 2008

love the site, the pictures and the album is my favorite!


July 22, 2008

Congratulation i adore your voice, the Album is realy something a good experience.

Annie Art

July 18, 2008

Love the site and the CD - can't wait until my copy arrives.

Mark Green

July 3, 2008

Most Excellent! Let me know when you are in New England...

I remember going to your father's church for concerts when we were at AFS! Best to you!